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China-ASEAN Business Council (CABC) is one of the China-ASEAN dialogue and cooperation mechanism, is Chinese and representatives of ASEAN business cooperation dialogue mechanism, China by CCPIT, ASEAN Chamber of Commerce and industry and the ASEAN National Chamber of Commerce and industry leaders and domestic well-known entrepreneurs and experts.

Chinese linked mountains and rivers with the ASEAN countries, the two sides have their own advantages, resource endowment, industrial structure with different characteristics, strong complementarity, cooperation has great potential. In recent years, the trade volume between China and ASEAN has increased greatly, and the two-way investment has increased rapidly. In ASEAN's foreign trade, China ranks fourth; in China's foreign trade, ASEAN is the fifth. ASEAN has become an important source of foreign investment in China, but also one of the first choice for Chinese enterprises going out. ASEAN is an important contract market and labor market in china. At present, China and ASEAN Economic and trade relations have entered a golden period, China - ASEAN Free Trade Area has entered a substantive stage of operation, China and ASEAN countries have begun to open up the market, showing a thriving business opportunities.

ASEAN Business Council of China-ASEAN cooperation is the ASEAN Chamber of Commerce and industry. The ASEAN business shall be composed of the most representative of the ASEAN Chamber of Commerce: Brunei National Chamber of Commerce, the Kampuchea General Chamber of Commerce, chamber of Commerce, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Lao National Chamber of Commerce National Chamber of Commerce, the Burma Federation of industry and commerce, Philippines chamber of Commerce, the Singapore Business Federation, the Thailand Federation of industry and Commerce and industry of vietnam.

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